About us


The owner of the office is Krzysztof Powąska who has permissions Auditor, authorizing them to audit the financial statements of business entities. As the individual is granted the authorization No. 3237.

Office was established on 1 October 1991. The first order for the bookkeeping of the company on a contract basis the order has been accepted for execution on 1 May 1990.

Our office provides comprehensive services to companies in the field of accounting services, HR and payroll services, consulting of business or tax service.

We realize how important financial matters entrusted to us by the customer. Feeling responsibility, we strive to make our services characterized by the highest quality on the market.

The rule is that from the moment of acceptance of the comprehensive service bookkeeping in the company we are in constant contact with employees and others guidelines by the board.

A very important element of our agreements with customers, rarely used by other accounting offices, a clause about our responsibility for errors caused by our fault. Without this clause, any office providing advice accounting accepts no responsibility for the correctness of accounting and tax accounting, it rests exclusively with the head of unit.